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About Us

Hello! We're the team behind Opportunitree. We've spent the last few years creating and updating a database of all the extracurricular opportunities across Australia.

Larry Pang

Co-founder of Opportunitree

Larry is the Co-Founder of Opportunitree. He recently graduated VCE in 2021 as Dux of his school with a perfect ATAR of 99.95.

Aside from Opportunitree, Larry is also the Co-Founder of Forestree Academy, an organisation that provides accessible and affordable tutoring to VCE students.

In his spare time, Larry is an avid reader of physics literature and an excellent badminton player. He also enjoys caring for his pet birds and cat. 

Renita Yang

Co-founder of Opportunitree

Renita is the Co-Founder of Opportunitree. She recently graduated VCE in 2021 and is now studying medicine at Monash University.

Aside from Opportunitree, Renita is also passionate about helping students realise their full potential through tutoring and mentoring.

In her spare time, Renita likes to read mysteries and non-fiction and has a deep interest in history and science. She also dabbles in yoga and politics.